Winter on the Hargita mountains

Winter on the Hargita mountains

On the favorite and popular ski center from Transylvania, on the Madaras Hargita mountains, there are 6 slopes, that wait for the tourists from the area in the winter time.The 6 slopes are: Sugó, the Great Mihály, Star path, the little Mihály, War path and Sugó baby. These offer you slopes on a length of 4,5 km, out of which 300 m is a beginners slope, 1500 m blue slope, 1500 m red slope, and black and an extreme slope on a 700-700 m section. 

Sugó slope

This slope is one of the favorites in the area especially for the fact, that the 750 meter length is favorable for beginner skiers as well as for the more experienced ones. The superior part is best for child teaching and the inferior part for advanced skiers. And at the end, the part that is known as the wall, is perfect for well experienced skiers.


The superior part of the Sugó slope, a section of 170 meters is ideal for beginners and especially for children. For all those who are just familiarizing with skiing, two baby elevators will help you in the process.  For children this surrounding is very good for learning, because the view is familiar and it gives them an additional sense of security. This section of the slope is illuminated during the night.

War’s path slope

This is a much smoother slope, where the combination of length and altitude is much more balanced. 

Star path slope

On this slope those who want to ski can come down 600 meters on an altitude of 80 meters. 

The little Mihály slope

This slope is east from the Great Mihály slope, it is a medium slope. Just like it’s bigger brother, it reaches to the Sugó slope.

The Great Mihály slope

This slope is for professionals. The length isn’t that long, but the altitude qualifies it as a national competition slope. The superior part lays close to the Mihály mountains top (1700 meter), and the inferior part at the Sugó stream, where it meets with the Sugó slope.

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