Transylvania Adventure Park

Transylvania Adventure Park (TAP) organizes summer/winter off-road tours with the newest BRP Can-Am vehicles and Ski-Doo snowmobiles to make your experience unforgettable and safe at the same time.

Summer on the Hargita Mountains

Hikers have many possibilities to visit the surroundings, such as the Madaras Hargita mountain top from Szökő, as well as a big hike to Hargita fürdő. 
Those who decide to visit us during the summer rather then the winter, will have just as wonderful experiences, hiking on the various paths on the Hargita mountains.  

Places to visit

We dearly invite you to Hargita county, on the sites that are home to a lot of cultural and natural beauty, that are known under the name The Gate to the Fairy Garden. Step by step, you will walk in legendary places, because there is a legend on almost every rock you walk by, every castle, every water…places where a long time ago giants and fairies used to live.

Winter on the Hargita mountains

On the favorite and popular ski center from Transylvania, on the Madaras Hargita mountains, there are 6 slopes, that wait for the tourists from the area in the winter time.The 6 slopes are: Sugó, the Great Mihály, Star path, the little Mihály, War path and Sugó baby. These offer you slopes on a length of 4,5 km, out of which 300 m is a beginners slope, 1500 m blue slope, 1500 m red slope, and black and an extreme slope on a 700-700 m section. 

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